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of Competition and Field Shotguns


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B12i Competition / Tactical


The Breda B12i was designed with 3-Gun & Tactical shooters in mind.  The B12i features the proven inertia system and is considered by many to be best competition and/or tactical shotgun on the market today.  The oversized loading port is just one of the many features that sets the B12i apart from other shotguns in its class.




BLACK:  $1299.00

FINISH UPGRADE: $1499.00- Find a Dealer Near You!

Details + Specifications

  • Oversized Loading Port
  • “Quad-Loadable” from factory
  • Ergonomic / Large Bolt Release
  • Oversized Charging / Bolt Handle
  • Drilled Receiver to accept Optics
  • Recoil Reducing Tri-Polymer Synthetic Stock
  • 5 – Flush Mount Chokes
  • Ghost Ring Rear Site – Available
  • Extension Tube – Available
  • Barrel Options: 18.5”, 21” 24” 28” 30” Step-rib
  • Barrel Options: 24” & 26” with Front Rifle Sight
  • SilencerCo Salvo Compatible
  • High Luminosity Fiber Optic Front Sight
  • Available in Kryptek Camo: Highlander & Mandrake

B12iS “Sport”


The Breda B12iS was designed to be a versatile shotgun that can be used in any of the shotgun sports.  The B12iS features the proven inertia system and is considered by many to be one of the best all-around shotguns on the market today.  The rounded action/receiver is just one of the many features that sets the B12iS apart from other shotguns in its class.



MSRP: From $1349.00  Find a Dealer Near You!

Details + Specifications

  • Ergonomic / Large Bolt Release
  • Oversized Charging / Bolt Handle
  • Rounded Receiver / Action
  • Walnut Stock with Shim System
  • Available with: Tri-Polymer Synthetic Stock
  • 4-Way Adjustable Comb Walnut Stock (Optional)
  • Fancy & Semi-Fancy Wood Upgrades (Optional)
  • 5 – Flush Mount Chokes
  • High Luminosity Fiber Optic Front Sight
  • Barrel Options:
  • 10×8 Sporting Barrel: 28” or 30”
  • 18.5”, 21”, 24”, 28”, & 30” Step-rib
  • Flat Rib Field Barrel Option Available
B3.5SM Green Synthetic Receiver



Every Breda shotgun is handmade in Italy by skilled craftsmen using the highest quality tools and materials.  The B3.5SM was designed with the serious waterfowl hunter in mind.  The B3.5SM utilizes an inertia operating system for increased reliability and simplicity of use.  The B3.5SM is easy to shoot and even easier to clean.


“ I consider the B3.5SM the best hunting gun on the market today. After shooting a Benelli Super Black Eagle for 15 years, I can honestly say the B3.5SM is a similar gun but is smoother operating, malfunctions less and is built to a higher quality standard.”  Mike Matarese – Breda Pro-Staff & Professional Guide

Details + Specifications

  • Barrel Lengths: 18.5”, 21”, 24”, 26”, 28”, and 30”
  • Available in 24” Iron Site Smooth Bore Barrel
  • Chambered for: 2 ¾”, 3” or 3.5” Ammo
  • Camo Patterns: Kryptek Highlander, Mandrake & Marsh Grass
  • Available in Black, Tan, & Green
  • Extended Bolt Release & Ergonomic Bolt Handle
  • Overall Weight: 7.1lbs
  • Tri-Polymer Recoil Reducing Stock
  • High Luminosity Fiber Optic Front Sight
  • High Capacity Extension Tube Available
  • Shim System for Custom Stock Fitting
  • Handmade by Italian Craftsmen

Titano – 12GA, 20GA, and 12GA L


The new generation of Breda Titano represents the perfect combination of aesthetic elegance and mechanical finesse. These elegance and class of this “historic” shotgun elevates it to become the cornerstone of Breda’s continuing story. Demanded by our customers, whose needs Breda will always pay full attention, the Titano is now back into production. The Titano is a shotgun that is the epitome of timeless charm.

Titano represents the hunting version of our last platform 930i. It includes some of the benefits developed for the Sporting model for a better hunting experience. The newer design, Titano L, is enriched by the artist Dario Cortini; engraved by Bottega Giovanelli the gun is hand-finished.

(Top) Xanthos Damasco
(Bottom) Xanthos Gold



The desire for quality, reliability and uniqueness are just a few of the characteristics that have led to the creation of our ”avant-garde” line which reaches its highest peak in the semiautomatic Xanthos. Delveloped and produced using the renowned technology that differentiates our company; the Xanthos makes the most of the inetrial movement system originally conceived in the mind of Bruno Civolani; one of the most outstanding designers to have ever worked in the semi-auto field.


Xanthos is produced by Breda to the highest industrial standards, with the result being a shotgun with a quite unique mechanical accuracy and high ballistic output. Thanks to our R&D, an innovate stell receiver is produced using a unique manufacturing process which results in an evenly distributed highgrade stell thickness thtoughout the receiver.

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Icaro 20ga


The Breda Icaro is available in 20 gauge and Youth 20 gauge. It uses the time tested and proven rotating bolt inertia operating system designed by the father of the modern inertia shotgun, Bruno Civolani. The Icaro is a fast handling and light weight shotgun; and come equipped in a variety of configurations.

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