Introducing the Breda Chiron

Form and Function

The Breda Chiron shares the same innovative design as the Xanthos. It is a thing of functional beauty. The Chiron’s polymer stock stands up to the harshest of weather conditions. While its rubber cheek and recoil pads help buffer the shooter from recoil.

Functional Beauty

Chiron Synthetic

MSRP:  $1,449.00

Item Detail
Functioning Semiautomatic Shotgun – Breda Technology Inertia System
Locking System By Vertical Lug
Gauge 12 Gauge
Chamber 76mm | 3" magnum
Stock and Fore-End Synthetic stock and fore-end. Soft-touch covering treatment for a better feel and holding during wet wether conditions. Comb insert for a better sensation of the recoil and faster shooting.
Drop at Heel 55 | Adjustable to 50/60
Receiver Made in Steel by Breda | Exclusive Industrial Process
Receiver Finishing The receiver is sandblasted and double blued
Sight High Luminosity Fiber Optic
Safety Transverse botton behind the trigger with red "ready to shoot" signal
Trigger Guard Technopolymer Matte Finishing
Trigger Weight Between 2.2 and 2.5kg
Recoil Pad High Density Pad Modeling with Stock
Magazine Without Plug 3 Rounds of 12/76 | 2 Rounds with Plug Fitted
Weight 3.00kg | 28" Barrel Fitted
Barrel Lengths Available 24" | 26" | 28" | 30" MAGNUM | Steel Ammunition Proof
Chiron Synthetic Receiver Detail
The steel receiver is produced using a unique manufacturing process which results in an evenly distributed highgrade steel thickness throughout the receiver.