Introducing the Breda B3.5SM

Reliable and Versatile

Every Breda shotgun is handmade in Italy by skilled craftsmen using the highest quality tools and materials.  The B3.5SM was designed with the serious waterfowl hunter in mind.  The B3.5SM utilizes an inertia operating system for increased reliability and simplicity of use.  The B3.5SM is easy to shoot and even easier to clean.

“ I consider the B3.5SM the best hunting gun on the market today. After shooting a Benelli Super Black Eagle for 15 years, I can honestly say the B3.5SM is a similar gun but is smoother operating, malfunctions less and is built to a higher quality standard.” – Mike Matarese – Breda Pro-Staff & Professional Guide

Reliable and Versatile


MSRP:  Black Synthetic:  $1,399.00 |  Camo Synthetic:  $1,499.00  |  Green Forest:  $1,499.00 |  Desert Sand:  $1,499.00

  • Barrel Lengths: 18.5”, 21”, 24”, 26”, 28”, and 30”
  • Available in 24” Iron Site Smooth Bore Barrel
  • Chambered for: 2 ¾”, 3” or 3.5” Ammo
  • Camo Patterns: Kryptek Highlander, Mandrake & Marsh Grass
  • Available in Black, Tan, & Green
  • Extended Bolt Release & Ergonomic Bolt Handle
  • Overall Weight: 7.1lbs
  • Tri-Polymer Recoil Reducing Stock
  • High Luminosity Fiber Optic Front Sight
  • High Capacity Extension Tube Available
  • Shim System for Custom Stock Fitting
  • Handmade by Italian Craftsmen
Hover Over the B3.5SM Receiver to See What Goes on Behind the Scenes